technology_starscanner_03The STARscanner is an eye-safe, Class 1 laser scanning system that allows the practitioner to scan the baby’s head in 1.5 seconds, instead of casting the head. The STARscanner captures detailed head shape information in a three dimensional scan that is emailed immediately to Orthomerica for fabrication of a STAR Cranial Remolding Orthosis.

The STARscanner Laser Data Acquisition System is one of the safest kind of Class 1 laser systems available to acquire the scan of your baby’s head. It is also the most comprehensive data acquisition system with software specifically designed to capture 3-D data that can be viewed in multiple planes.

technology_starscanner_01The STARscanner system provides detailed and accurate head shape measurements, symmetry analysis, and reports for effective evaluation and documentation that are only possible with the STARscanner.

The STARscanner’s Comparison Utility Software compares scans of the patient’s head throughout the treatment process and is used to document and measure the changes in shape. These measurements are recorded and printed in a STARscanner Summary Report that can be distributed to referring physician, parents, and insurance companies to illustrate positive clinical outcomes.